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"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." -Elizabeth Andrew

The best fun is had when you participate, and not much is better than quality time spent with your kids.  Soccer fields are the perfect location for that!  We have made dear friends volunteering at CSC, and we invite you to join the fun.  A little help goes a long way to help our favorite Soccer club run smoothly.   Please read some of the following ways you can help our Club improve, and email the Parent Representative with any questions.  Other Staff member descriptions can be found in our About Us section of this website.
CSC Board and Staff
Secretary:  VACANT.  Record the minutes at Board meetings; submit for approval.  Done monthly, every 2nd Tuesday evening
Volunteer Coordinator:  Post the games to be played at CSC each week.  Done from home on a Wed or Thurs.  1 hour weekly.
RegistrarVACANT.  Work from home mostly during the months of August and February.  Best suited for a stay-at-home parent or part-time worker willing to dedicate several hours a week during these months.  Work with other stay-at-home parents.  Must be thorough and organized.
Kidsafe Coordinator:  Submit data to the background check database.  Record results and submit to Administrator.  Done primarily in September and March.  Done from home in your own time.  Sensitive material involved.  Must be trustworthy and discreet.
Team Photos Chairperson:  Coordinates with current photographer for teams to schedule their own photo sessions.  Picks up photos and other orders (one time a season) for all teams, and schedules pick-ups at the CSC Shed.  Help make memories last!
Fundraising Event Chair:  VACANT.  Choose one way (soccer-oriented, please) you think you can help our Club raise funds for our fields, goals, and coaching needs.  Coordinate, delegate, manage the event.  You pick the time and location.  Or speak to our Staff for ideas and needs.
Assistant Coaches:  Help herd the children.  Assist in decision-making during games.  Stand in when Head Coach is unable to attend a game or practice.  No experience required.  While you're at practices and games anyway, might as well join the fun and get some exercise (no gym membership fees involved!).  Contact Coach Coordinator.
Team Managers:  Be the friendly face to delegate tasks such as party planning, photo sessions, coach gifts, half-time snacks, and game day duties.  Contact your coach at first practice to volunteer.
Field Marshals:  Be the friendly face at the Shed for an hour or so on a game day.  Point people in the right direction, find Staff members when questions arise, etc.  No experience needed.  Sign up at the Shed weekly.

ICE Game Day Volunteers:  Any parent, grandparent, and friend who is licensed and/or certified within the medical/EMT/law enforcement fields, and that regularly attend games on our home fields, to volunteer their contact info for ICE situations.  These contact numbers will be kept secured in the CSC Shed and used only in the event of an injury, etc. that requires this type of attention.  Sign up at the shed at the beginning of the season.

Chesapeake Soccer Club, P.O. Box 16438, Chesapeake, VA 23328

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