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Team Manager Duties

The role of the Team Manger is to support the team in all areas not related to coaching.  This allows the coach to spend their time coaching and leaves the administrative details to the Team Manager. The responsibilities of Team Manager may be divided between two or more parents.  Team Managers are required to comply with VYSA's Kidsafe policy and to complete VYSA's Sexual Abuse Prevention Training.

The Team Manager should be someone that the coach is comfortable working with. The coach and the team manager should discuss the division of responsibilities, if the coach wants to be responsible for some of the activities. The duties listed below are just a general guideline for managers.  It is up to the head coach and team manager to decide what is to be expected for a successful season.

General Responsibilities:

Assist the team Coaches in any way needed to assure the smooth operation of your team and an enjoyable soccer experience for the kids and parents.

Maintain a binder of the following forms:

  • Medical Release forms for all players
  • Player Cards for all players (Advanced and Travel only)
  • Copies of the Team Roster

Medical Release forms and emergency phone numbers must be readily available at every practice and game. It may be a good idea to create a copy of these documents for the head coach to bring to practice.

Maintain a team roster with kids and parents' names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers and emergency contacts (preferably on one page). Distribute to all team members.

Report game scores, and update team rosters online, according to league procedures (i.e. VSL, TASL, IL, etc.)

Distribute any communications as may be necessary during the season.

Act as a conduit between the team and coach.

Extra (optional) Responsibilities:

Coordinate half-time fruit and end of game snacks.

Plan the end of season party.

For tournaments, along with the coach, fill out and submit tournament applications, providing the necessary rosters, documentation and fees, by the specified deadlines.

Also for tournaments, provide schedules for games and tournament events and any other tournament books, etc. to parents and players.

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